Saturday, January 3, 2015

Analysis of The Fly By Katherine Manfield

 This story contains Auto-Biographic elements and actually this story can be related with the writer’s life. The writer Katherine Manfield dies due to tuberculosis (T.B)  (at that time there was no cure of it). So the writer has depicted his fears and showed us that she was the victim of his fate.
The major 3 themes of stories are

                  1)      Death                    2) Existentialism               3) Victim of Fate  

The Fly story is all about the existentialism that how the one person/thing existence matters in our life. May be we are not aware at that time that something is worth in our life but when we lose it, we come to know the importance of that thing in our life and we feel incomplete without it just like it is the part of our body which has been lost. This story entails similar incidence that two men lost their sons in world war1. In the war nobody knows the importance of life and the two men lost their sons due to it. Those two men were physically alive but they have no reason to live anymore. So due to the loss of two lives two other lives were automatically lost.
                                At the end when boss was dropping ink drops on fly and the fly was trying her best to save her life. This scenario is the nutshell of the story because author wants to tell us that the human life is similar like it. We are not free. We are bound with fate designed by our gods and we are just the puppets which have to survive just like the fly. No-matter how hard the fly tries to rise up but the ink drop which actually symbolizes the fate will put us again there from where we started. The Boss symbolizes the god which is the controller of the fate. The Boss and the woodifield sons were the victim of fate in the story and the Katherine Manfield is the victim of fate in real world.

As I mentioned at the start the one who don’t have that thing knows the value of that thing. The Katherine Manfield was losing the life from her hand that’s why she talked about the world war1 because she knows what the life worth.

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Analysis of Helpless Situation By Mark Twain

As we have already discussed a lot about the Mark Twain that he was too much anxious about the hypocrisy of the mankind and he tried to depict all those things in his stories. If you have not read my analysis of Dog’s tale, I will suggest you to read because it will give you good information about the writer, Mark Twain. click here to read
                So in this story the Mark Twain defines the difficulties a writer would have when his work is ready to be published. This story has so many autobiographic elements like the writer is not anyone else then the Mark Twain himself. So simply, the Mark Twain is depicting his own past experience in this story. In this story the Mark Twain wants to tell the readers about the worth of a book and the writer’s effort to put it in the shape of book.

This story revolves around the question that whether writer’s influence is essential or the writer’s work influence is essential for the work to be published by the publisher.

In the helpless situation the Mark Twain received a letter from the women writer that she needs his influence to publish her work. The Mark Twain wrote an imaginary conversation which he had with the publisher and finally he concludes in the reply of letter that only your Ability judges your work not the influence of anyone because the influence only remains for a short period of time while the best work is not depended of any influence. As he said in the end of his letter to that lady:
“No matter from which pen a work is written or from where it is written, the publisher always glances at your work. It is not dependent of any influence of writer but rather the influence of the work.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Analysis of Moonlight and Diamond Maker By Herbert George (H.G) Wells

About Author:
Herbert George (H.G) wells was an English author most famous for his short stories of science fiction work. Wells was born in a middle class family in kent in England. A bad accident in well’s youth left him bedridden with a broken leg. It was during this tough time that wells began to read books which his father used to borrowed from the local library and it later develop the desire to write.
Well’s seen a very hardship in his childhood  and he was forced to become draper to financially help his family. Wells then became a teacher and after living with his aunt he fell in love with his cousin and married to her but later got separated. He later remarried to one of her student Amy Catherine Robbins, but was known to have many affairs which Amy herself accepted.

The Moonlight fable:
H.G wells has tried to give a very nice lesson in this story that "the moonlight fable" the suit symbolizes the desires of the little man.the little man wants to wear the suit without guards but he is not allowed to do so. first he listens the restrictions but at last he does whatever his heart says to him. he fulfills his desire and wears a suit and does not care for it because he thinks it is all the part of wearing the suit. at the end he dies because he no more has desires to fulfill and so happily he dies.

H.G Wells – Stories in my own style interpretation:
The writer reflects the tendencies of his age. I heard this sentence several time from my teacher known as sir. Noor. At that time I was in first semester and I was unable to understand it.
 Well in fact this statement is 100% true and valid, as everyone learns and observe and analyze the things from his life with which he encounters, so does this applies to writer’s life. H.G wells encountered with many hardship in his life and it was all due to society according to him. So he depicted the same issues in his short stories which we have read the “moonlight fable” and “the Diamond maker”.
 Now either we talk about the moonlight fable or diamond maker in both the theme is human is bound and he later suffers a cruel fate due to the role of society.
 Let’s first discuss the moonlight fable a child is actually a symbol of an individual man and his desire of wearing the suit is actually nothing more than a symbol of a individual man desire. The mother’s restrictions and warning and instructions are nothing more than the society made trends and norms. So simply H.G wells tried to show with his story that how the individual is bound due to the society’s norm. He  wants to live his life for pursuing his desires and goals but he is bounded with mental chains which makes him mental at the end and if he follows his desires like that free flying boy wearing his suit. The society will name him as mad.
Same thing is showed in Diamond maker that no-matter how genius you are but if you will think out of the box, you will be called as mad or criminal.

H.G wells wants to us message for living happy life you need to hear of your inner desire then you can die peacefully. Soon or late the society will remember you for forever. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Analysis of Dog’s Tale by Mark Twain

Mark Twain was an American Writer, journalist and humorist. He was strongly against the inequality, injustice and hypocrisy of human beings. To highlight and criticize these discriminations he has used satirical language in a humorous way in his short stories. In one of his short-story “A Dog’s Tale” reveals the selfishness and cruelty of human beings towards other human beings and animals. The story is about the faithfulness of animals with their masters but their masters are cruel and selfish and use animals for their own benefits. Human beings are disloyal to their pets. Human beings consider themselves torch bearers of civilization but actually they are going back to their generic animal instincts. All the qualities of human beings are shifted to animals and human beings has revoked the development from being an animal to a human being. One of the example of this transition is that the mastiff had helped Saddie in planting seeds which is a productive and humanitarian activity where as Mr. Gray has played a destructive role in taking an innocent life for his materialistic benefit.
A dog is one of the innocent creatures. In “A Dog’s Tale” a dog has been made to tell a tale because the problems and hardships faced by this community. A dog is loved by human being. They keep them for their company and give them shelter in the same home where they themselves live. Dogs can not be replaced by any other pet as they help their masters in domestic activity, safeguard them, live with them like a family member and stay with them in every situation either favorable or adverse where as a cat changes homes frequently and show no emotional attachment with the family. Same is the case with horse that can also be kept as a pet. It can only fulfill the need of riding and conveyance but again no indoor connection with the family or house. A dog is more close to human beings and considers the home of their masters as their own one, as we have noticed in “A Dog’s Tale” when Aileen said,
“It was such a charming home! – my new one; …”
So a Dog is justified in telling a tale as compared to other animals.
            A dog could be made to write an autobiography or a poem but it is narrating a Tale because a tale is more of a narrative form and it can be expected from a dog to narrate a tale. Whereas an autobiography can not be narrated, it needs writing some personal experiences which can only be done by some educated species. Same is the case with poetry which is produced in the presence of creative skills which again is a limitation in dog’s personality.
A dog’s tale is an allegory as the vary title suggests the symbolic meaning. On the surface level the title suggests the injustice attitude of the so-called scientist towards animals whereas at the deeper level the title highlights the hypocrisy of human beings and their false pretension to the animals and human beings as well. They consider themselves civilized, educated and reasonable in their acts but do neglect the feeling and emotions of other people where conflict of on interest arises. In “A Dog’s Tale” Mr. Gray brought in the mastiff for the pleasure of his daughter, Saddie. The mastiff saves the life of Mr. Gray’s baby by putting her life in danger. It shows her faithfulness towards the master and obedience to her mother, who told her; “In memory of me, when there is a time of danger to another do not think of yourself . . .”

            The story can also be inter-related with another short story “The Fly” written by Katherine Mansfield. In “The Fly” a fly fell pray to a cruel boss just like a puppy killed by Mr. Gray in “A Dog’s Tale”. In both the stories the human being is behaving like demy-gods and considers animals and birds mere puppet and toys in their hands. They feel no sympathy for them and crush these innocent species for their own benefit and amuse. In “A Dog’s Tale” the puppy and its mother too are helpless in saving its life just like the Fly is helpless in “The Fly”. Both are on the mercy of human characters. Furthermore the boss in “The Fly” can be co-related with the mastiff, Aileen Mavoureen, because the boss has lost his son in a battle and Aileen too has lost her puppy martyred for a so-called noble cause. Both the Boss and Aileen are mourning after their kins but at the end, both accept the tragic fact of the loss of their generation.