Saturday, January 3, 2015

Analysis of The Fly By Katherine Manfield

 This story contains Auto-Biographic elements and actually this story can be related with the writer’s life. The writer Katherine Manfield dies due to tuberculosis (T.B)  (at that time there was no cure of it). So the writer has depicted his fears and showed us that she was the victim of his fate.
The major 3 themes of stories are

                  1)      Death                    2) Existentialism               3) Victim of Fate  

The Fly story is all about the existentialism that how the one person/thing existence matters in our life. May be we are not aware at that time that something is worth in our life but when we lose it, we come to know the importance of that thing in our life and we feel incomplete without it just like it is the part of our body which has been lost. This story entails similar incidence that two men lost their sons in world war1. In the war nobody knows the importance of life and the two men lost their sons due to it. Those two men were physically alive but they have no reason to live anymore. So due to the loss of two lives two other lives were automatically lost.
                                At the end when boss was dropping ink drops on fly and the fly was trying her best to save her life. This scenario is the nutshell of the story because author wants to tell us that the human life is similar like it. We are not free. We are bound with fate designed by our gods and we are just the puppets which have to survive just like the fly. No-matter how hard the fly tries to rise up but the ink drop which actually symbolizes the fate will put us again there from where we started. The Boss symbolizes the god which is the controller of the fate. The Boss and the woodifield sons were the victim of fate in the story and the Katherine Manfield is the victim of fate in real world.

As I mentioned at the start the one who don’t have that thing knows the value of that thing. The Katherine Manfield was losing the life from her hand that’s why she talked about the world war1 because she knows what the life worth.

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